Cashback Bonus

All businesses use incentives and special promotions to attract clients and ‘Cash back’ programs, well-known in New Zealand, are used extensively in hundreds of different industries.  Cash back, traditionally, is when a seller gives a buyer back a confirmed amount usually a percentage of whatever they have spent. It’s a great way for the retailer to get you to carry on purchasing in his shop, as most of the time the buyer will spend the returned cash in the same place.

It’s a little different in the online casinos because cash back bonuses mean that you can claim back a percentage of your losses.  When the online casino offers a cash back bonus, they mean that they will give you a certain percentage of what you have spent back into your account, in the hope you will play more, the major perk being for high rollers who make higher deposits and therefore get a percentage back of their larger than average spend, rather than a limiting dollar bonus amount of a deposit.

Read on to learn the details of cash back opportunities, how to use them and where to find them.  Browse through the table below to see reputable online casinos offering cash back program.

Best Cashback Bonuses of the Moment


150% Match Bonus Up To NZ$200

100% match bonus up to $1000

Bonus Up To NZ$1,000 + 50 Free Spins

up to 500 NZ$ + 100 free spins

Bonus Up To $1,600 in total

Upto 50 fair spins

Casino Cash back is a highly familiar strategy to gain the trust of members and get them to spend more freely as they know they will be reimbursed to some extent. Many offers are however, restricted to certain games. Slots are popular for cash back programs but you can also grab offers on blackjack, roulette or table games in general.

The way cash back works can vary from casino to casino. Usually in a cash back program geared towards a set group of clients, players request it from their account manager or click on a promotional code.  A set amount will need to be lost or wagered to qualify for cash back and usually your entire deposit needs to be spent before you gain a reimbursement. The reimbursement into your account usually takes at least 24 hours.

Cash back bonuses are not Welcome bonuses. They may seem similar but cash backs are really more like loyalty bonuses than anything else. Money must be spent to get the extra and the more you spend the more you will get in return, they are pretty much always limited to a certain time period. The cash back itself is a percentage of what they lost during the previous period of play.

How much?

Casino cash backs usually hover between 5-30%, although there are one-off cash backs where you can gain a full 100% back into your account. Some casinos will put your cash back into your account as money that is withdraw able, but most put it as bonus money without play through requirements or you will only have to play through once.

What is good about getting cash back?

Cash back bonuses are in dollars and come without wagering requirements. They are put directly into your online casino player account or sometimes as credit towards more casino play.  It really is as if you had deposited more, as now you can play with more money but without the pain staking playthrough buy if you are getting a lot of cash back cash it actually means you are losing a lot more, so don’t get too excited.

In our opinion, cash back is much better than bonuses, which almost always come with wagering requirements. If you have to make a choice between being involved in the cash back program or taking the bonuses, go for the cash back and claim on your losses, you really will have more to play with, at a higher likelihood of ever being able to withdraw your winnings.

Where to find them

Most high roller casinos are a good place to start looking for cash back promotions. The usual suspects are William Hill and Betway, also you can also look at BGO, 888Casino and Spinit to see if they have something interesting on their promotions page.

Timing is another important element and Cash back promotions are usually set for weekends, because online casinos know that generally players spend more cash on the weekend.

Finally the VIP programs are the bedrock of Casino cash back ad before the casino serves cash back up to its newbies, it is going to take care of the high rollers. If you are offered cash back from the onset, it means you are very likely to be offered it in the VIP program also.

Wagering Requirements of Cashback

You may have to play through the returned funds one time before you cash out, but in general the beauty of cash back is that you don’t have to play through the money several times before withdrawing. Instead you must, go through the fine print, which in many cases will preclude you playing several slots games, or several types of games to be included into the promotion.

Time limits are another stickler and casinos may run this program for a very short period of time, that doesn’t quite match a Kiwi Schedule.

Cash back Conclusion

Opt in to cash back and give yourself more high thrills opportunities to play slots or table games. It’s a worthwhile bonus for any casino client without the headache of wagering requirements. Watch out for any details that don’t suit your playing style and monitor your spending as cash back promotions usually get players betting high and a little wild.

100% Up To NZ$1000 + 200 Free Spins

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