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Bingo is an incredibly popular game of luck, where players mark off numbers on a card as they are randomly produced. Winners are made when all numbers in a row, line or other pattern have been drawn.  It’s a simple and straightforward game, with low risk and lots of laughs.

Fans of Bingo or those just wanted to test it out will find a whole host of facts, strategies and rules on this page to let them know where and how to play.

Check out the table below for all the online casinos that we recommend to play Bingo at.


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Traditional Bingo vs. Online Bingo

Traditional Bingo, played in halls, churches and pubs across New Zealand, although loads of thrills and very social, has a little bit of a stigma. Players are typically pensioners, prizes are small and Bingo halls a little bit haphazard, so it’s hard to hear the numbers and focus on the fun part.

Online Bingo alternatively has attracted a fresh crowd of players from all ages, from all walks of life looking for good times online. With all the comforts of your home, with online Bingo you can still get the social side of Bingo and games are instant.

With the online community and chat function available, Bingo online is popping with a social buzz around the game. Not only that, but Online Bingo invariably offers great bonuses on deposits to play, unlike in the offline environment and cash prizes that are nothing to be sniffed at.

How to Play Bingo Online

Bingo is simple. Players have pre-determined numbers off a numbers board and hit play to start the draw. The card itself is a fixed price and the RNG will produce numbers which hopefully will also appear on your board.

If a sufficient amount of hits is made, and a line on your board is completed or you gain a full house (all the numbers on the board), you will be paid, which unlike Keno has no predetermined prize, it’s whatever is in the pot.

Bingo Tips and Strategies

First things first. Bingo is a game of luck, there is NO way to predict which number ball will come up or the frequency they will be generated. Don’t be disheartened! Players can mitigate their risk and maximize their chances. There are a couple of ways that players are able to stack odds a little more in their favor.

  • Get multiple cards: Although you can’t predict a number if you cover more numbers you are more likely to get a hit. We aren’t saying that you won’t lose on all the cards, but that’s the risk you always take when betting. This depends on two factors, if you are in a game with many other players, if you have a greater number of cards than them, you will probably hit a ‘full house’ quicker. If you are playing alone, you can play cards where there are no duplicate numbers giving you higher odds of completing a card quickly.
  • Avoid peak hours: If you play at times when less people play, you have better odds because odds depend on the number of bingo cards in a game. With less competing for the jackpot, in Bingo the rules are it has to be won by someone- on or off-line! This can backfire, as Bingo players will start a game at four A.M. in the hope that no one will be there, only to find that several others had exactly the same idea. Another way to improve your odds, is by playing for lower jackpots, they are also badly attended.
  • Visit larger sites which has a variety of games. This indicates that they have bigger jackpots. Small sites may promise big wins but realistically won’t have the funds to do that. Also, if an online casino is using an outsourced game, there could be a huge prize available. For example, if William Hill has a playtech Bingo game, that could mean that players from hundreds of casinos are all playing which could make the jackpot – massive.

Play Bingo for free

If you are looking to start playing Bingo online, as you can practice with bonuses, have a large variety of games and invariably be cheaper than playing in a hall, we suggest trying out the free game below first.


Play Bingo for Real Money

Although most don’t become online casino members for Bingo, Players can dip in when they need a break from slots or get frustrated at table games, it’s relatively low stakes and just the right level of excitement.

But what keeps the level of excitement up?  That’s right, the pursuit of cold, hard, cash.  When you start playing Bingo online you may want to test out the waters a couple of times on a demo trial before you start playing for real, but the thrills in Bingo come from knowing you are one number away from a completed line or full house.

To play for money, you will just have to make a deposit at your chosen casino and visit the Bingo games, choose the number of cards for that round and press start or play.

Bingo jackpots are usually smaller than slots jackpots and to pick up bigger wins, you’ll have to get to the biggest sites which means playing where they promote Bingo. Keep your eyes open for online casinos, like where they specifically give bonuses and offers geared towards Bingo, this usually means they have bigger jackpots.  Big Bingo jackpots have in the past reached into the millions of dollars, so definitely worth scratching off a card for.

Types of Online Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo – Representing a middle-ground between the classic 90-ball bingo and modern speed bingo variations, 75 ball bingo is played using a 5×5 bingo card. There is only one numberless square on each of the cards, situated in the middle. The goal of the game, depending on specific rules, is to cover full rows, columns, or diagonals to win prizes.

80 Ball Bingo – Played using 4×4 bingo cards with 16 numbers, 80-ball bingo is the most diverse in terms of winning options. Depending on the rules, players can compete to be the first to:

  • Make the single line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal)
  • Full house or pattern – cover all the numbers or a certain predetermine pattern
  • A line + full house – two different prizes
  • A line + column + full house – three prizes, with the column prize going to the first player marking off two columns (eight numbers)

90 Ball Bingo – the oldest of all bingo variations, 90 ball bingo is played using bingo cards with 27 squares but only 15 numbers and 12 blank spaces). Prizes are usually awarded for making a single line (marking off all the numbers in one line left to right), two full lines, and a full house – marking off all 15 numbers.

The Bottom Line on Bingo

Although lacking the dreamy aspirations of slots jackpots and the coolness of some table games, Online Bingo is worth its weight in prize money.  The major appeal to the game itself are lows risks and simplicity and of course online, availability 24/7.

Set your sights on a full house and try Bingo at (William Hill). It’s a good opportunity to test it out in a safe and secure playing environment.

150% Match Bonus Up To NZ$200

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